Water Conservation

Our Mission

Polk County and Municipalities working together to develop strategies to promote water conservation within the Polk Regional Water Cooperative.

Landscape & Irrigation Incentives Program

Financial incentives to help offset the cost of changing out high water use landscape components.

  • Florida Friendly Landscape Retrofit
  • Smart irrigation controllers
  • Wireless rain sensors

Plumbing Retrofit Incentive Program

A water conservation incentive program that offers toilet rebates to customers who change 3.5 or greater gallons per flush toilets to 1.28 or less gallons per flush toilets.

  • Toilet rebates
  • Indoor water conservation kits

Florida Water Star Builder Certification & Rebate Program

This program provides rebates to home builders within Polk County who build Florida Water Star certified homes.

For more information visit: FloridaWaterStar.com.

*These rebate programs are subject to project certification and review. For more information, please contact us at conservation@prwcwater.org.